Terms & Conditions


for The Blue Bull Sneem

(Here­after referred to as “The Blue Bull”, “The restaurant”)

  1. Validly pur­chased vouch­ers pur­chased in store and online in the Repub­lic of Ire­land are redeemable in full or part pay­ment for meals in The Blue Bull.
  2. The voucher will expire 24 months after the last use or bal­ance enquiry and any remain­ing bal­ance will be deducted. If you would like us to extend this expi­ra­tion date please call us before it falls due and we will be pleased to extend it for you.
  3. The Blue Bull can­not be held liable for vouch­ers, once pur­chased, which are sub­se­quently lost, stolen, dam­aged or defaced.
  4. The Blue Bull reserves the right to amend these terms and con­di­tions from time to time where it rea­son­ably con­sid­ers it nec­es­sary to do so. Rea­son­able notice of such changes will be given where possible.
  5. Online pay­ments for vouch­ers  are processed securely by Stripe. The charge will appear on your credit or debit card state­ment as “The Blue Bull”
  6. Vouch­ers are processed and posted. Our bar/restaurant staff may not have details of your voucher if you purchase and call prior to receiving the voucher in the post. Please call us and we will accommodate you as much as possible.
  7. Before com­plet­ing your pur­chase, you must check and ver­ify that all infor­ma­tion, includ­ing postal and email addresses, has been entered cor­rectly by you.
  8. By pur­chas­ing a voucher you accept and agree to these terms and conditions.

Gen­eral terms & conditions


  1. The Seller is The Blue Bull
  2. We take pay­ment from your card at checkout via Stripe.
  3. If you enter a cor­rect e- mail address we will send you an order acknowl­edge­ment e- mail.
  4. The con­tract will be formed at the place of despatch of the goods.
  5. We do not file details of your order for you to access please print out these terms and con­di­tions and the order acknowl­edge­ment for your own record.


  1. We will post by reg­u­lar post to all loca­tions. This is included in the cost of the voucher. We can­not guar­an­tee when your voucher will arrive.
  2. Where you opt to have us keep the voucher(s) at the restau­rant please email a note to the recip­i­ent.  The Blue Bull can­not be held liable for non– or mis- delivery of emails due to typ­ing errors or other input or pro­cess­ing errors. The Blue Bull can­not be held liable for emails that can­not be deliv­ered or are rejected or over­looked by the intended recip­i­ent due to cir­cum­stances beyond the sender’s con­trol, for exam­ple: fire­walls, mes­sage fil­ter­ing, anti- spam mea­sures and other cor­po­rate email pro­ce­dures and poli­cies; over- quota mail­boxes; inac­tive, aban­doned or unmon­i­tored mail­boxes; mis­filed mail etc.


  1. If, for any rea­son, you wish to do so you have the right to can­cel any order you have placed. Where the voucher has been deliv­ered to you, you may can­cel them up to 7 work­ing days, start­ing from the day after the goods were received, in line with the Euro­pean Com­mu­ni­ties (Pro­tec­tion of Con­sumers in Respect of Con­tracts Made by Means of Dis­tance Com­mu­ni­ca­tion) Reg­u­la­tions 2001.
  2. The fol­low­ing pro­ce­dure will apply: You can either email bluebull@iol.ie or tele­phone us on +353-64-6645382


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